Rajeev Raghavan

My research is interdisciplinary, and is focused on generating information and developing methods to support conservation decision-making. In particular, I am interested in issues that relate to the connectivity between freshwater biodiversity, conservation and livelihoods. Much of my previous and on-going research is based in the Western Ghats Hotspot (India), where I use a combination of biological, socioeconomic and management methods, to improve the understanding of freshwater fish species, corresponding small- scale fisheries and their role in local livelihoods, with an aim to develop local, regional and international policy recommendations for conservation and sustainable use. I also collaborate with the Freshwater Biodiversity Unit of the IUCN in conservation assessments and red listing of freshwater fishes, and the IUCN Freshwater Fish Specialist Group (FFSG) in building a global profile for freshwater ecosystems and their conservation.


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